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What is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP), is a component of your car insurance plan that you can choose to have or decline. It is very crucial for making sure you get the health care you need if you are ever in a car accident - therefore, everyone should have it. If you are ever in a motor vehicle accident, PIP is the coverage that you use to get treatment. It is no cost to use. Depending on which driver is found to be at fault, the insurance company for that driver will pay back the other company as reimbursment for all of your treatments. PIP is a no-brainer! 


We are currently accepting New Patients using:

- Any PIP (car insurance) 

- Labor & Industries Claims

- Out-of-pocket


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If you have further questions about PIP or the insurance plans we are accepting, please call the front office at (360)-527-9566.

Advanced Medical Massage

In a Motor Vehicle Accident?


Advanced Medical Massage is the 1st Medical Massage clinic in Bellingham, WA. Doctor recommended since 2001, we have been successfully treating patients who have sustained injuries for over 18 years. 

We are here to help you recover!


 Our kind group of massage therapists are highly skilled with additional clinical training in specific medical massage treatment. Plus, we do all the insurance paperwork & billing for you.

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